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In our modern age you no longer need to just rinse with plain old water. There are many kinds of mouthwashes available on the market which can rinse away the debris of food particles and bacteria.

If you have a problem with bad breath, any cosmetic mouthwash can help you with that. They come in minty flavors that will help your breath smell fresh again. If you want to kill germs that cause bad breath, you can use an antiseptic mouthwash that will help control plaque by eliminating the bacteria from germs. And if you want to help your tooth enamel become stronger, you can enlist the help of a fluoride mouthwash.

Whatever mouthwash you choose, make sure it has the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This seal verifies that the mouthwash has been researched and tested to make sure it is safe and effective to use.

In recent years, the marketing for mouthwash sometimes claims that its germ fighting abilities is so great that it can be used instead of flossing your teeth to remove plaque. Is this too good to be true? Here’s the scoop…while antiseptic mouthwash clears away food particles and debris around the teeth, it cannot physically remove all the particles and plaque-causing bacteria until they are loosened. This is what flossing does, it loosens the debris between your teeth and gums and gum line. This debris can then be washed or flushed away with a mouthwash rinse.

So while rinsing can clear away debris, it cannot loosen the debris still stuck between the teeth. So get that floss in between those tight crevices and ensure that no plaque will be forming this time around! Once again, the most effective prevention of plaque and tartar is still the basics; an ADA approved toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, microbial mouthwash, and finally, your six month dental cleaning to get the deep cleaning, tartar-removal your teeth and gums need.

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