Do you have a desire to replace your missing teeth with a product that gives you the functionality you need and the freedom you want? Well, Dr. Pedar Didriksen is happy to help you by providing dentures in Ocean Pines, Maryland!

Dentures have pink, gum-like foundations that have false teeth attached to the side. To place the product, you will set it over your gums and suction it to the roof of your mouth. We also offer partial dentures for those who are only missing a few teeth. To insert the partial dentures, you will place it over the gap and clasp it to the remaining natural teeth on both sides. These two products are great options that can be removed at any time. You can take them out before bed, and you can put them back in to eat, go out with your friends, or take pictures. If you would like specific instructions on when and where to wear your dentures, please feel free to talk to your dentist during your next appointment.

Dentures do, however, take some time to get used to. Our team at Pedar B. Didriksen DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry recommends eating small, soft foods when you begin using dentures. As time passes by, you can gradually move up to the foods you would normally eat throughout the day. We also suggest speaking difficult words aloud. By doing so, your tongue will become familiar with the new addition to your mouth.

To learn more about dentures and how they can benefit you, call our office today!