Are you interested in filling the gap in your mouth? If so, Dr. Pedar Didriksen is thrilled to help you by offering dental bridges!

A dental bridge in Ocean Pines, Maryland, is made of two or more dental crowns that are placed on the remaining natural teeth on both sides of the gap. Between the crowns are false teeth that fill and complete your smile. The bridge has the ability to restore your smile, maintain the shape of your face, and prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of place. It can also give you the force you need in your bite and restore your ability to properly chew and speak again.

When placing your dental bridge, your dentist at Pedar B. Didriksen DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will prepare the natural teeth for the crowns. Your dentist will shave the surfaces of your teeth down to allow room for the crowns, and then he will make impressions of your teeth. Then, he will send the impressions to the dental lab where your bridge will be created. When your new bridge is made and sent back, your dentist will check and adjust the bridge to your bite. Once he finds the perfect fit, he will permanently cement the bridge into place.

Call now to see if a dental bridge is the right product for you!