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It’s a sad reality that sometimes even the most consistent oral hygiene routine, simply isn’t enough to prevent tooth decay from setting into a tooth. With timely treatment, the decay can sometimes be repaired with a standard filling. However, if a significant amount of healthy tooth enamel has been lost, Dr. Pedar Didriksen might recommend restoring the tooth with a crown.

The first step in the process involves Dr. Pedar Didriksen removing all of the tooth enamel to form an abutment. This solid and health core of the tooth will later serve to anchor your permanent crown in place.

Dr. Pedar Didriksen will then cast a detailed impression of the abutment, and all other corresponding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab, where your new crown is made. A temporary crown is placed over the abutment to keep it safe, while you wait for the dental lab to complete your final crown.

When the crown is ready he will call you in for a brief follow-up appointment. The temporary crown will be removed and your new permanent crown will be cemented in place.

If you have a tooth with a cavity, you should call Dr. Pedar Didriksen’s office in Ocean Pines, Maryland at 410-208-2900 to have it treated as soon as possible.